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Deeper Engagement with Netcurate Conversations

Add Viewpoint, Create Poll, Run Quiz to encourage user participation

  • Content, by itself, sometimes is very static and dull. That's where Netcurate Conversations (Viewpoint, Poll, Quiz) can transform the content into a dialog. We help you make a story interactive, engaging and relevant.
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We extend your reach with your audience

Deliver value intelligently with less effort

  • Your audience needs help to find real knowledge from the noise out there. We can help you do that.
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No IT knowledge required

If you could open an email account, you can setup Netcurate on your own. It's fun and super easy.

  • Configure it once and you are done. Netcurate and it's team is here to assist you at every step.
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Team Work

Works for an individual, works for a team

  • You can invite as many members from your team to be contributors to the magazine. If you are alone, not a problem.
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Inbuilt subscription and payments

You can keep your content free or charge for it. Your call!

  • You can start your own micro-publishing platform using Netcurate. The best part : entirely branded for you.
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  • How does it work?

    Netcurate is a micro-publishing platform. Instead of you writing a time-consuming brand new content, provide your opinion on an existing piece of content which you come across. Your subscribers now get curated+value based content. You could either provide this for free or charge your subscribers.

  • Does it replace my blog?

    Not really! Your blog is your original content where probably you write once in a while. Via Netcurate instead of producing unique piece, you can grab a relevant piece written by someone else and enhance it for your audience.

  • How can I monetize?

    Netcurate has inbuilt payments (however, it's optional for you to charge your users). You can offer your expertize as subscription and we take care of all the heavy lifting for you. You don't have to worry about integrating payments or any other details.

  • What else?

    Netcurate allows you to run polls and quiz. In addition to this, all the content you write is offered via email which has multiple hooks to convert a lead into a paying customer.

  • What about my branding?

    Netcurate allows you to complete brand your content under your own name. You can get your own URL too!

  • How soon can I get started?

    Right away! Just click on the button below and we will get you started.